10 Things You Must Include When Packing for a Weekend in Las Vegas

October 09, 2019

“A Weekend in New England Las Vegas” Needless to say, these would be two TOTALLY different travel experiences requiring you to pack totally different items in your travel gear!  So….what DO you pack for a weekend in Las Vegas? Are you traveling to Vegas in the heat of the summer or for New Year’s Eve?... 

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Know Before You Go – Top Airlines Weights & Rates for Baggage Fees

May 01, 2018

Finding out that your bag is overweight when you get to the airport is not a great way to begin your vacation. Know before you go and check out our Top Airline Baggage Fees page to see what your limits are and how much it will cost you in baggage fees if you are over.... 

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Why Your Luggage Scale May Not Always Match Your Airline’s Baggage Scale

March 06, 2017

Have you ever arrived at the airport to discover your luggage is over the baggage weight limit? Even though you double-checked to make sure it was under the limit when you left home? We could blame a change in gravity if we were traveling through space but it’s all the same as long as we... 

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13 Tips on how to survive and prepare for a long haul flight

November 01, 2016

In the years before deregulation of the airlines in the U.S., air travel was a comfortable, middle-class privilege. Flying could be quite glamorous, and, before 1978, it was an experience affordable to only a few. Today, air travel is not what it once was, especially in economy class. In modern times, although most travelers can... 

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12 Travel Tips to Get Around an Airport in Europe

August 26, 2016

From tiny terminals to longer lines and beefed-up security, you may be in for a bit of culture shock when using European airports, especially if you’re using a lower-cost carrier.  Just as in America, Europe has its share of good, bad and ugly airports, where good (if not great) might be the Helsinki Airport in... 

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Get Through the Airport Faster with These Travel Tips

March 07, 2016

It doesn’t matter where we are going over the holidays we want to get there as fast and as smooth as we can. The last thing we want is to be held up in airport security because of something silly we did (or didn’t) do. 4 Tips for Packing Your Carry-on Use a clear plastic bag... 

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How to be a Good Passenger By Following These 10 Rules of Airline Etiquette

December 08, 2015

Written early in the last century, Emily Post’s Etiquette covered decorum and manners to be demonstrated in all sorts of everyday situations as well as etiquette to be displayed when attending a special event such as a wedding.  Emily’s ideas were written before airlines existed in the numbers they now do,  and before air travel...

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Breeze Through the Airport Easily with These 13 Travel Tips

October 27, 2015

U. S. Airways, its merger with American Airlines nearly complete, took its last flight—ever—on Friday, 10/16. When airlines merge and transition, travelers will notice an extra layer of stress superimposed on the existing stress of air travel. Airline policies may change. Airline employees need the training to get up to speed. And often the airline employees can... 

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Easy Ways to Track Your Checked Luggage So It Never Gets Lost Again

August 18, 2015

After a long flight, all you want to do is go to the Baggage Claim carousel, pick up your checked luggage and head off to your vacation destination or home.  You arrive at Baggage Claim and stand patiently at the spot of the carousel where the luggage comes out of the shoot but, for some... 

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Why Flying Economy Could be a Health Risk and What You Can do About It

May 21, 2015

If you’re planning on flying domestically via economy class this summer, the last thing you want to worry about is your health. With those darned shrinking seats, air travel is becoming a legitimate health risk–especially for certain travelers.  What types of travel gear can help protect your health and safety? And what about those darned... 

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Understanding Time Zones When Traveling Internationally

March 10, 2015

The Rolling Stones sing, “Time is on my side, yes, it is” – and, since they’ve been around for what seems like 125 years, they just might be right about that!  But if reaching your vacation destination involves crossing the International Date Line and flying through several Time Zones, you might end up feeling that... 

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Travel Tips: 10 Things You Should Never Do at the Airport

February 24, 2015

Airports and flights have lost nearly all of the romantic appeal they once held for passengers.  So many airports are massive in size and making your way from the check-in counter to the luggage drop-off area and, finally, to your gate can feel as challenging as going through a corn maze!  Patience, good manners and... 

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