10 Things You Must Include When Packing for a Weekend in Las Vegas

December 30, 2014

“A Weekend in New England Las Vegas”

Needless to say, these would be two TOTALLY different travel experiences requiring you to pack totally different items in your travel gear!  So….what DO you pack for a weekend in Las Vegas?

Are you traveling to Vegas in the heat of the summer or for New Year’s Eve?  Depending on the time of year you go and….your age…., packing for a weekend in Las Vegas may be as simple as a bikini, high heels, and a little black dress!

“Marco??” – “Polo”

Daytime pool parties have become main events at most resorts in Vegas with DJs mixing up the hits, and enough booze flowing to choke a horse!  With all the beer being guzzled, you couldn’t PAY me enough to go anywhere near one of those pools – if you catch my drift

Pool parties operate generally from mid-April through the end of September (with some going until the first week of October) and they can be C-R-A-Z-Y!!  Between the alcohol, the sun, and the scantily-clad partygoers – expect some shenanigans!

Happy New Year!

If you’re planning to ring in the New Year with 500,000 of your closest friends on the Las Vegas Strip, take along a warm jacket and mittens as it can get downright chilly there by midnight at that time of year.

You won’t need to pack this in your travel gear, but anything that says “Happy New Year” –  glasses, tiara, bowler hat, sash – will make you feel even more a part of the merriment.  All these items are readily available at any shop along the Strip or Downtown.

No matter when you are planning your Las Vegas weekend, these are items you’ll want to pack in your luggage:

MUST-HAVES to Pack for a Vegas Weekend
  1. Valid ID to prove you are at least 21 years old – trust me…they WILL check!
  2. Jacket/sweater for chilly evenings – it may be sun, sun, sun during the day…but once it’s gone – it’s GONE, and the blistering heat can set along with the sun, making it feel quite cool by contrast.  Even 70F will feel cool after a day of well over 100F temperatures!  Evenings during the winter months will dip into the 40F range – definitely “Jacket required” temperatures!
  3. A good pair of walking shoes – Vegas usually requires a good deal of walking, so packing a pair of comfy shoes is a must.  You’ll likely spot girls hobbling barefoot on the Strip because walking around all night in their fabulous-looking stilettos has resulted in blisters and their feet are killing them!  Vending machines sell fold up ballet-type slippers to quiet ‘barking dogs’!
  4. Sunscreen – no matter when you go, protect your skin by applying sunscreen liberally and often.
  5. Sunglasses, and a hat, cap, or visor – unless you LIKE crows’ feet, a hat and sunglasses are your friends in the desert heat and sun.
  6. Camera – to post pix on Facebook and let everyone back home know just what a blast you’re having in Las Vegas while they’re slogging away in the office.  OR….take some incriminating shots of your friends, get them to buy ALL of your drinks for the weekend – then, on the plane ride home, delete these photos – if you want to remain friends
  7. Aspirin or Tylenol – for that morning after headache.  In fact, if you take one before you sleep, it will go a long way to alleviate the effects of your night (or day) out!
  8. A luggage scale – because you know you are going to shop, right? So many of the hotels have such terrific shopping malls built right in, it will be hard to resist. Don’t get caught with overweight bags on your way home ….a MUST-HAVE for a successful weekend in Vegas!

    Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

    Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

  9. Elastic waisted pants or skirt to indulge in all the buffets – they are hard to resist!
  10. TSA luggage lock – undoubtedly you and your ‘girls’ will do some shopping while in Vegas.  Ensure that your luggage, containing all of your new purchases, is securely locked with a TSA luggage lock to get them home safely.  In fact, a TSA luggage lock is a good idea for all of your luggage whether you do any shopping or not.

Tarriss TSA SearchAlert Luggage Locks

Tarriss TSA SearchAlert Locks

Carry enough cold, hard cash for cabs or bus fare (AND gambling – it’s Vegas after all).  Most cabs won’t accept a credit card (unless you call ahead and specifically request to pay by cc).  Also, be advised that cabs are not allowed to stop on the Strip and pick up fares, only at designated cab pick-up areas which you’ll find at each resort casino.

Written by Emma Ghattas