15 Awesome Stocking Stuffers That Any Traveler Would Love

December 15, 2015

No matter if they’ve been ‘naughty or nice’ this year, your friends and family who love to travel are easy to please when it comes to stuffing their Christmas stocking to overflowing!  There is always something new and useful for them coming into the marketplace. ‘Stock’ up on stocking stuffers that include any sort of travel gear and/or travel accessories.  As long as your gift is compact, light, and inexpensive (so you can buy a variety :-), your globetrotting recipient will be ever so delighted!

To show you just how simple it is to choose some incredible stocking stuffers, here is a list of 15 gifts that any traveler will be excited to add to their travel gear and try out on their next far-flung adventure.

1. FitKit

Fit Kit

The Fitkit | Source: Fitkit.com

Lounging on an exotic beach or poolside on your Caribbean cruise is a great way to unwind.  Such a vacation, fabulous as it would be, could wreak a little havoc with your exercise routine.  This handy and compact set of fitness items (a jump rope, resistance band, and other useful items) that you can use anywhere….on the beach, in your hotel room….will help to offset your idle hours catching rays and sipping fruity cocktails.

2. Bottle protector

Wine Safguard

Wine Safeguard Reusable Bottle Protector | Source: Amazon.com

For the oenophile on your gift list, a wine bottle carrier or protector is a wonderful idea.  With one (or more) of these, your traveler can pack safely and bring home a bottle of that lovely wine they sampled in the Tuscan vineyard. Just make sure they crack open a bottle to share with you when they invite you over and bring out their travel photos. And, inevitably they will….yawn

3. Digital luggage scale

Jetsetter digital luggage scale

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

It’s annoying (and expensive) to find out at the airport that your luggage is overweight!  With the Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale, you’ll know exactly what your luggage weighs before you leave home.  Leave yourself some ‘wiggle room’ to add souvenirs from your vacation destination and still keep within the allotted weight restriction for the flight home.

4. iPhone telephoto lens

Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens Kit Pro

Xenvo iPhone Camera Lens Kit Pro | Source: Amazon.com

Most travelers now use their smartphones to take photos.  Mix things up a bit in your picture taking by snapping a telephoto lens over your iPhone camera lens. It even comes with a mini-tripod.  A very cool gift for the aspiring photographer on your gift list.

5. Teeny travel book light

travel light

Zelco “itty bitty” Book Light, | Source: Amazon.com

Overhead lights on the plane may be annoying for fellow passengers when they are trying to sleep.  Or, if your bedmate is zonked out but you want to read in bed, one of these little numbers just may be the cat’s meow to keep everyone happy.

6. SleepPhone


SleepPhones | Source: Sleepphones.com

No earbuds or headphones required!  Play soothing music or listen to white noise when you need to rest or wish to relax.  Ideal for travel. Using this item won’t disturb the person next to you the way most headphones tend to.

7. Fleece travel blanket

travel blanket

4-In-1-Travel-Blanket | Travelrest.net

Airplanes are often chilly and the supply of blankets provided by airlines always seems to run out just before the flight attendant reaches your seat.  Foiled again by Murphy’s Law!  Be proactive and pack your own warmth.  A most welcome gift for any traveler.

8. Eye mask with earplugs

eye mask

Samsonite Eye Mask with Ear Plugs | Source: Samsonite.com

Unless you’ve shelled out for a first class ticket that comes with a comfy bed, falling to sleep on a plane is seldom easy.  An eye mask with earplugs may help by blocking out light and minimizing surrounding noises.  Perfect for long-haul flights and/or if your hotel room is in a busy part of town.

9. TSA luggage locks with SearchAlert®

Tarriss TSA SearchAlert Luggage Locks

Tarriss TSA Locks with SearchAlert

All stocking stuffer recipients will love to find a set of these to lock up their luggage safely and securely.  These locks can be opened easily by TSA agents if they need to inspect checked luggage.

10. Worldwide power adapter

Travel Adapter

DIGISION Power Plug Adapter | Source: Amazon.com

The international traveler on your stocking stuffer list will thank you again and again for one of these adapters that will keep their electronics from being ‘fried’ when they plug into an outlet with a different voltage from what is at home.

11. Luggage strap

luggage strap

TOOGOO Plastic Release Adjustable Luggage | Source: Amazon.com

Wrap your luggage with a luggage strap to keep it more secure in transit.  If the zipper has been broken, a luggage strap will prevent your ‘unmentionables’ being spilled onto the Baggage Claim carousel for all the world to see (well, at least those people who are standing near the carousel

12. Keychain sized mobile WiFi finder

wifi finder

Wi-fi Finder

A Wi-Fi Finder is a small device used for locating WiFi Access Points or “Hotspots” for wireless internet connections. It will help you to find the fastest and most reliable place to connect to the internet wirelessly.

13. ID tags

id tags

World Map from 1689 Tag For Luggage | Source: Zazzle.ca

Do whatever you can to make sure your luggage arrives with you to your destination.  A highly visible ID tag is a must-have travel accessory.  If your luggage should go astray and arrive at a destination not of your own choosing, having an ID tag attached will make it easier for the airline to bring the two of you together again….oh, happy day!

14. Packing cubes set

packing cubes

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes | Source: Amazon.com

A very useful travel gear item that will keep you and your luggage organized.  Great for carry-on luggage and for checked luggage.  Packing items into separate cubes make it so much easier to locate a particular article quickly without disturbing your entire suitcase.

15. Travel bottles


GoToobs by HumanGear | Source: Amazon.com

If you want to travel with only carry-on luggage, the size and quantity of liquids and gels you can pack is restricted.  Transparent, plastic bottles, like GoToobs, are within regulation size are the answer.  Pack them in a clear one-quart plastic bag and place them in the tray when clearing security.  Use them in your checked luggage as well.

See how easy it is to find something for the traveler on your list?  Don’t you wish all the people on your gift list were so easy to shop for?  Admit it…travelers are special Now get stuffing!

Written by Emma Ghattas