5 Travel Tips to Help You Breeze Through Customs at the Airport

February 19, 2015

Approaching the Customs Officer at the airport may cause many of us to feel a little bit anxious – even though we have nothing to hide and have done nothing remotely illegal or even improper!  If you’re honest and declare all you need to, there really is no cause to feel any apprehension.  Here are... 

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10 Daring Ways to Entertain Yourself While Stranded at the Airport

December 23, 2014

Being stranded at an airport at either the beginning or the end of your holiday can be a real ‘Debbie downer’- but it doesn’t HAVE to be!!  Here are some fun ways to keep yourself – AND airport staff, AND other stranded passengers – entertained and smiling! If you’re stranded during the winter holidays, go... 

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5 Ways to Help Keep Your Luggage Secure at the Airport

November 07, 2014

There are so many things to think about as you plan your vacation, like which restaurants you’ll be eating at, which tours you’d like to book, or maybe which beach you’ll set up camp up at with a cocktail (or 2) and not move for a whole week. While luggage security doesn’t always rank high on that...

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How to Avoid Extra Fees as Airline Fares Continue to Rise

October 24, 2014

Recently a number of major US airlines, such as Delta, United, American and Southwest, raised their domestic fares by $2 for a one-way ticket. While you may not think that this will impact your holiday flight plans you may feel the punch if your luggage, packed with all your Christmas gifts, weighs over the airlines... 

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