10 Daring Ways to Entertain Yourself While Stranded at the Airport

December 23, 2014

Daring Ways to Entertain Yourself at the Airport

Being stranded at an airport at either the beginning or the end of your holiday can be a real ‘Debbie downer’- but it doesn’t HAVE to be!!  Here are some fun ways to keep yourself – AND the airport staff, AND other stranded passengers – entertained and smiling!

  1. If you’re stranded during the winter holidays, go to an airport store and buy a big box of mini candy canes.  Hand them out to other stranded passengers.  This will be even more entertaining if you don a Santa hat or pop on a glowing red Rudolph nose!  Hey, if passengers have been stuck there for more than 2 hours, their breath could use a little ‘mint’ freshener!
  2. Carry a deck of cards when you fly.  Most people know a simple card game or two.  Just limit the games to “Go Fish” or “Gin Rummy.” If you ask everyone to “ante up” or invite them to a game of “Strip Poker”, well….. that JUST might get you, AND your uninhibited…er, inebriated… new pals, arrested – or at least banned from that airport!
  3. Read a newspaper, magazine or paperback – then pass it on to someone else to enjoy – or leave it on a nearby seat – it’ll soon get snapped up by some other bored soul!
  4. Charm – or, maybe PAY – your way into an airport lounge.  If your airline offers one, you can pay a fee (about $20.00) and enjoy all the amenities at no additional cost!  These lounges are a great way to escape the mayhem of the crowded gates.  In one of these airline lounges you’ll find refreshments – coffee, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and light snacks; newspapers, Wi-Fi, TVs and comfy seating.  Some even offer shower facilities!  If you’ve been stranded at the airport for several hours, that alone would be worth the price of admission, wouldn’t you agree?
  5. Start a conga line!  Shuffle through the airport singing Gloria Estefan’s, “Come on shake your body now, do the conga…..you know you can’t control yourself any longer!”  You’ll probably get more participants if you have the music to accompany you – otherwise people may think you’ve simply forgotten to take your meds that day  Added bonus – all the exercise from dancing should exhaust everyone and make it easier to catch some zzzzz’s later if you’re still stranded and have to curl up on the airport floor.
  6. Walk around the airport and see what it offers.  Many airports have interesting displays pertaining to their city, region or country.  You may find art displays, children’s play areas and TVs, in addition to the usual restaurants and shops.
  7. During your ‘walkabout’, you also may locate storage lockers where you can take a much-needed break from your luggage.  Ensure you have it locked with a TSA luggage lock before storing it.  If you need to keep your luggage with you, a TSA luggage lock is very valuable, especially so if you have to sleep at the airport.  The lock will prevent anyone from rifling through your dirty laundry OR carefully packed travel gear – the state of your luggage dependent, of course, on whether you are stranded at the end or the beginning of your travels.
  8. Spot someone on their phone, stand near to them with your own phone to your ear.  Pretend you’re having your own conversation, but incorporate THEIR conversation into it.  It might go something like this:

Their conversation: “I miss you SO much!”

YOUR conversation: “I’ll only be gone for a few days.”

Their conversation:  “What’re you going to do while I’m away?”

YOUR conversation: “Well, I have that meeting booked first thing in the AM, then I’m going to try and get out for a run.”

Their conversation:  “Is that all?”

YOUR conversation:  “What else should I do?”

You get the gist  The other person will think they’re going bonkers!!  LOL

  1. Many airports offer spas.  If you can afford to – go for a manicure or a back massage.  You’ll feel better – and it will eat up an hour or two.
  2. Practice your tai-chi moves or yoga poses – IF you’re appropriately dressed, that is.  You COULD strike a ‘warrior pose’ or ‘tree pose’ in a short skirt; however, you may want to leave off practicing your ‘downward dog pose’ until you’re safely back into your Lululemons!

This article was written with tongue firmly planted in cheek.  Not ALL of the tips may be totally appropriate

Written by Emma Ghattas