How to Travel Safe When Using Ground Transportation – Part 1

April 04, 2017

The last thing you may be thinking about when you are relaxing on vacation is your travel safety. Those moments when you are distracted searching for a bus stop or trying to hail a cab are the moments you are most vulnerable. In part 1 of this 3 part series, you’ll learn what to be... 

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Survival Tips Every Traveler Ought to Know

March 07, 2017

Sometimes when you’re an urban traveler in foreign countries, you can end up in a ‘bit of a pickle’ if you don’t do proper planning and preparation.  So…to keep you ‘out of the brine’….following are a few situations that may arise, together with survival tips on how you can plan ahead in order to keep...

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Why Your Luggage Scale May Not Always Match Your Airline’s Baggage Scale

March 06, 2017

Have you ever arrived at the airport to discover your luggage is over the baggage weight limit? Even though you double-checked to make sure it was under the limit when you left home? We could blame a change in gravity if we were traveling through space but it’s all the same as long as we... 

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How to Make Your Own Travel First Aid Kit

February 22, 2017

If you have ever had the misfortune of becoming ill, or hurting yourself in some way while you’re traveling, you know how much discomfort this can cause.  Even something as seemingly minor as a tiny scratch can soon become a major problem, depending on the cleanliness of your surroundings, and the medical supplies at hand.... 

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10 Travel Safety tips for traveling in Mexico and the Caribbean

February 14, 2017

Travel safety is an extremely important issue wherever you may roam in this big, beautiful world.  At times there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent a dangerous situation from occurring.  Unfortunately, you do hear of tourists who were minding their own business, and yet they end up being in ‘the wrong place at... 

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How To Hide Your Money, Credit Cards And Passport When You Travel

January 31, 2017

The sad truth is that there are too many people looking for the opportunity to relieve you of your cash and credit cards, particularly when you look the part of the tourist.  If you’re immersed in enjoying a tourist attraction or entertainment, that is one of the best times for pickpockets to make their move.... 

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Avoid Getting Sick When You Travel and What to Do If It Happens

January 24, 2017

It can be frightening if you become ill while you’re traveling in a foreign country. From finding equivalent over-the-counter medicines for minor aches and scrapes to locating medical assistance for more serious illness/injury, to relaying your symptoms to a non-English speaking doctor, travel sickness can be a daunting occurrence. An acquaintance got sick while traveling... 

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How to Spot and Avoid a Travel Scam

January 10, 2017

If only ours was the world that can be seen through ‘rose-colored glasses’.  Alas…it is not… and, there are shysters, rip-off artists, pickpockets, con men and women, and outright thieves all over this beautiful earth who want to take what you have and will stop at nothing to get it!  Would you be able to spot... 

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A Travel Safety Checklist – How to Prepare and Stay Safe on Your Vacation

January 03, 2017

Your goals when traveling likely include, among other things, having fun, spending time with family and/or friends, taking in the sights, perhaps learning about a new culture, shopping, and tempting your taste buds with tantalizing flavors and exotic dishes. Another major goal of every vacationer these days is travel safety. While there occasionally are circumstances... 

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6 Travel Safety Apps Essential for the Solo Traveler

December 13, 2016

Ever find yourself on vacation…wishing you could ditch your travel companion? She is controlling, dogmatic, and says you don’t spend enough. He is passive-aggressive and humorless, going along with what you’d like to do but giving you the silent treatment the whole time. Solo travel means you can thank your lucky stars that you’re free... 

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How to Avoid Being Pickpocketed When You Travel

November 08, 2016

There are people who have made a very lucrative career out of pickpocketing unsuspecting ‘marks’.  A ‘mark’ is a victim specially chosen by a pickpocket (or group of pickpockets) that is viewed as an easy target or mark.  They have mastered their craft and are exceptionally good at emptying your pockets without your knowledge.  You...

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13 Tips on how to survive and prepare for a long haul flight

November 01, 2016

In the years before deregulation of the airlines in the U.S., air travel was a comfortable, middle-class privilege. Flying could be quite glamorous, and, before 1978, it was an experience affordable to only a few. Today, air travel is not what it once was, especially in economy class. In modern times, although most travelers can... 

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