12 Awesome Travel Accessories for the Aging Traveler

January 15, 2020

Travel for so-called “baby boomers” (anyone born between 1946 and 1964) is an ever-growing part of the travel industry.  Many ‘seniors’ have retired from a long, successful career and now have the time, the resources, AND the energy to take vacations – on their own, with a partner or, with family.  And, many are in... 

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How To Hide Your Money, Credit Cards And Passport When You Travel

January 31, 2017

The sad truth is that there are too many people looking for the opportunity to relieve you of your cash and credit cards, particularly when you look the part of the tourist.  If you’re immersed in enjoying a tourist attraction or entertainment, that is one of the best times for pickpockets to make their move.... 

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How to Avoid Being Pickpocketed When You Travel

November 08, 2016

There are people who have made a very lucrative career out of pickpocketing unsuspecting ‘marks’.  A ‘mark’ is a victim specially chosen by a pickpocket (or group of pickpockets) that is viewed as an easy target or mark.  They have mastered their craft and are exceptionally good at emptying your pockets without your knowledge.  You...

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Travel Safety Tips Every Traveler Should Know

April 26, 2016

Nowadays criminals can be anyone, and they only get shrewder with time. Crimes of opportunity and crimes against property are a constant wherever you may be going. Whether you’re at home, across the country, or on another continent, no one is immune to crime. The following travel safety tips and travel gear won’t make you... 

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Must-Have RFID Travel Gear That Will Help Protect You When You Travel

September 22, 2015

What is RFID? A radio frequency identification device (RFID) is like an electronic homing pigeon.  Used in everything from passports to pets, RFIDs are smaller than a grain of rice yet mighty locating devices.  Originally used to track military aircraft in the 1950s, RFIDs were tracking livestock by the 1980s, and, by the 1990s, RFIDs... 

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