Great Travel Gear Christmas Gift Ideas for the Traveler on Your List

November 25, 2014

If you have travelers on your gift list, you’re in luck….and so are THEY!  Most of us who love to travel are VERY easy to shop for – just give us something travel related and we’re happy campers!  We love the latest in travel gear – anything that doesn’t take up a lot of space, something that may prove invaluable over the course of our adventures, or … is always good especially if it’s in the currency of the country we are planning to visit!

10 Awesome Stocking Stuffer Ideas for a Traveler

1. Pair of Warm and Cozy Socks – While flying, you can slip off your shoes and put these little gems on your tootsies to keep them warm – the floor of the airplane is chilly.  They will also make it easier to exercise your feet every half hour or so to keep the blood flowing.  Just remember to slip your shoes back on when you head to the aircraft lavatory.  There’s no way on God's green earth you want your stocking feet coming into contact with whatever gross stuff may be on the floor of that lavatory!

compression socks

2. Eye Shades and/or Ear Plugs – These are great to have – if you’re trying to block out noise, to sleep, or to ignore the ramblings of the ‘chatty Cathy’ or ‘gabby Gary’ you were ever so lucky to be seated next to

eye mask and ear plugs

3. Collapsible Water Bottle – Since you no longer can take water through Security, and to purchase a bottle of water at an airport store will cost about 2% of your overall trip budget (well, it seems like it anyway!), a refillable collapsible bottle is an ideal gift.  Fill it once you’ve cleared Security and carry it on board the airplane with you.

collapsable water bottle

4. Magnetic Games – Anyone who will be traveling with young children, should be sure to pack toys, DVDs, or games to help fight the boredom of a long flight.  Magnetic games that you can play together with your children or that they can play on their own will keep them amused and, you don’t need to worry about losing the small pieces.

board games

5. See-through Makeup/Jewelry Bag –  Such a bag will make it so much easier to access exactly what you need without searching blindly to find that one item that will inevitably be at the bottom of the bag!

make up bag

6. Travel-sized Containers – Clear plastic containers for liquids and gels, those that meet the size restrictions to clear Security, would be a well-received stocking stuffer.


7. Small Pillow & Blanket – Many airlines are now charging for these items.  A small rectangular or neck pillow and a lightweight small blanket that can be popped in your carry-on can be used on the plane, at the airport if you have a layover, or if you find yourself stranded at the airport.

travel pillow

8. Waterproof Passport Holder – This is a great way to keep your passport in tiptop condition no matter how many borders you cross.

passport holder

9. Money Belt – An inconspicuous spot to store extra cash, traveler's checks, credit card, and passport.  Just don’t whip it off your waist every time you buy something!  The cash you will need for the day should be secure, but more easily accessible.


Tarriss RFID Money BeltTarriss RFID Money Belt

10. Travel Diary/Guidebook/Pocket-sized Translator – Any of these make fabulous gifts!  Keep a diary while traveling to re-read months or years later – you’ll be amazed at all you have seen and done.  Research your destination before you arrive and be able to say at least SOME phrases in the local language.  Being able to say,  ‘please’, ‘thank you’, ‘hello’, and ‘good morning’ may mean the difference between getting assistance and being ignored.  And….depending on your destination and how well your stomach takes to the local cuisine, you may want to add: “Where is the (nearest) toilet, please!!”

Travel journal

Essential Travel Gear Gifts
  • TSA Luggage Lock – Lock your luggage with a TSA luggage lock before checking it at the airport.  If TSA agents want/need to access your checked luggage, they will be able to unlock a TSA lock.  This is certainly better than having your lock broken or cut off, or alternatively, not locking your luggage.

Tarriss TSA luggage lock

  • Wallet (or case) with RFID-blocking materials – Having someone steal your credit card or passport information is, unfortunately, a very real concern today.  The thief can download your information without taking your actual credit card or passport.  A wallet or case with RFID-blocking materials keeps secure everything that is stored in it.

Tarriss RFID Neck Stast

  • Digital Luggage Scale – This is one of those ‘invaluable’ gifts mentioned above.  With exorbitant fees being charged by most airlines for excess baggage weight, a digital luggage scale, like the Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale, will help you to avoid any unpleasant and costly surprises at the check-in counter.  A lightweight and accurate luggage scale would be a great gift for any traveler.

Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

  • Noise-Canceling Headphones – We’ve all heard of people with ‘selective’ hearing  With a set of these you will have a legitimate excuse for ‘hearing only what you want to hear’.

bose headphones

Gifts for the Hard-to-Buy-for Traveler
  • Portable Phone Charger – Your phone battery goes dead at the most inopportune times and electrical outlets aren’t always easy to find at an airport.  A portable phone charger will give your phone a quick charge to keep it working.  Most portable chargers are compact and easy to store.  It also can be used to charge up your other mobile devices – your digital camera, MP3 player or headset.  A great piece of travel gear to have!

usb charger

  • Piece of Luggage – This gift is probably best NOT to be a surprise, but if a specific piece is on the wishlist of that hard-to-shop-for person, a sleek, lightweight piece of luggage is an excellent gift choice.


gaming device

Written by Emma Ghattas