FAQ - RFID Blocking Neck Stash

What are the dimensions of the neck stash?

The bag, when closed, but not in the tri-fold position, is 5.5" x 8". If you choose to tri-fold, then it reduces to 5.5" x 5".

Will my phone fit?

Most smartphones do fit in our neck stash. It has a dimension of 5.5" x 8". However, please feel free to measure your phone against it, just to be sure.

How many pockets does it have?

There are three zippered pockets, one velcro pocket, and two pockets you can just reach into. One of the side zippered pockets has room for 4 credit cards. Two of the slots are meant for cards that read in the landscape mode, and two that read up and down, or in portrait mode.

How do I test the RFID functionality?

If you are looking for a super simple test, leave your tap payment card in the neck stash, and tap it over a tap payment terminal, such as the ones found at Starbucks or McDonalds. The signal will be blocked, and your information will not transmit.

How large is the toggle closing on the neck stash?

The toggle is very smooth and is approximately 1 inch in length with a diameter of approximately 3/8 inches.

How many passports can it hold?

It can hold about 2-3 passports.

Is the whole neck stash RFID Protected?

RFID shielding does not cover the small change pocket on the top flap.

Can I wear this through airport security?

It would have to be taken off.

How long is the strap?

The strap is 46 inches from end to end.

Will it work for my key FOB?

The RFID blocking material in our neck stash block the frequencies typically found in payment, identification, and transit cards (13.56 MHz and above). They will only block key FOBs if they also work on these same frequencies. However, unlike payment and identification cards, key FOBs are much less standardized and can vary across a range of frequencies. Our neck stash is generally intended for use with credit cards and passports.

What is the shipping weight?

2.7 Oz.

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