FAQ - GoDark Faraday Bags

What is a Faraday Bag?

It is specially constructed bag that uses a unique signal blocker material that blocks electromagnetic radio waves from passing through it. Smartphones and tablets communicate on various radio frequencies such as GSM, CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G, wifi, bluetooth, GPS, etc. When your phone or tablet is inside a faraday bag, it stops this communication.

How do I test my GoDark Faraday Bag's blocking functionality?

Many factors can influence the signal attenuation that your device receives. The weather, the presence of a certain appliance, your location in a building etc. It's way too many to discuss them one by one. There's just a wide range of different scenarios that can significantly alter your results.

Given these factors, we took it upon ourselves to custom design our premium quality GoDark signal blocking bags and have them thoroughly tested by a third party engineering lab to ensure they properly perform as expected.

However, for a decent test, what you can do is to leave your cell phone in the GoDark bag. Once it’s securely closed, get another phone and try calling the phone inside the bag. For tablets, send yourself a message (over messenger, snapchat etc.) instead. If the call or notification did not go through to the isolated device, the bag is likely performing well.

What is my GoDark Faraday Bag made of?

It is made of a durable outer shell made of 600D Poly. A PU face coat and a TPU backing ensure that the bag is both water and puncture resistant. These protect the blocking material from accidental damages.

Will the products protect against harmful EMF radiation for electronics?

Yes, it will block EMF for frequencies between 600MHz - 5GHz.

Does it also block RFID signals?

No. Most RFID frequencies are below 600 MHz and therefore we do not guarantee that they will be blocked.

Why can’t I just put my phone on airplane mode?

Setting your phone to airplane mode only prevents your phone from transmitting, not receiving. Your location history is still recorded by your phone and transmitted later when you reconnect. The GoDark Privacy Bag prevents this by blocking incoming GPS and Cell signals used by your phone to record your location. With nothing being recorded, there is nothing to later share or transmit.

Why can’t I simply turn my phone off instead?

Some malware exists that can make your phone appear to be turned off when in fact it is not. Even though the phone seems to be off, it may still be able to remember and/or report your location. Putting your phone into a GoDark bag stops your phone from communicating with your cellular network making you fully untrackable.

What happens when someone calls me and my phone is inside the GoDark bag?

It will not ring because the signal cannot penetrate the bag. The person calling will most likely be sent directly to your voicemail since your phone will appear out of range to the phone network.

Will the microphone be blocked too?

No. Sounds waves are not electromagnetic. Only electromagnetic waves are blocked by Faraday bags.  

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