Tarriss Travel Gear is Shifting Gears

Tarriss is shifting Gears

Tarriss Travel Gear is shifting gears to better serve the unique privacy needs confronting travelers as a consequence of our increasingly digital world. If this page is not what you were looking for it's probably because we've recently made a few changes as part of our rebrand. Let me explain.

Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

Tarriss Travel Gear began looking out for travelers in early 2014 when we introduced the Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale. The Jetsetter has become a travel industry standard and has since helped protect hundreds of thousands of travelers from unexpected overweight baggage fees.

Over the past few years, we've turned our passion for protecting travelers into a line of TSA Approved Luggage Locks and hidden RFID Blocking Money Belts and RFID Neck Wallets.

So why are we changing gears?

Privacy and identity theft are serious problems facing travelers which is why our RFID Blocking Money Belts and RFID Blocking Passport Holders and Neck Wallets were specifically designed to protect your chip-enabled credit cards and passports from unauthorized reading.

Tarriss RFID Blocking Money Belt

It's why we created our special TSA Approved Luggage Locks with the unique SearchAlert feature that notifies you if the TSA has gone through your bag in your absence. It's also why we've just introduced our line of GoDark Privacy Bags that are Faraday cages to protect your mobile phone from hacking and location tracking.

Tarriss SearchAlert TSA Luggage Locks

Protecting your privacy in today's increasingly electronic world is crucial and is something we are very passionate about. We're so passionate about it that Tarriss Travel Gear is rebranding to focus on protecting not only travelers, but all who are mobile and on the go, regardless if you're traveling around the corner or around the world.

What does this mean for Tarriss Travel Gear customers and subscribers?

It means you'll still be able to buy all of the same great products and you'll continue to get the same fantastic support we've always provided. Additionally, in the months ahead you'll also be seeing a lot of exciting new privacy gear, like our GoDark Privacy Bags. 

As well, as part of the rebrand we are dropping "Travel Gear" from our name and will just become "Tarriss" to better reflect that our privacy gear is not just for travelers, but for all people on the go. We've also dropped some content from our site that no longer fits our new direction. I sincerely apologize if you arrived here looking for old content that no longer exists.  Perhaps we can convince you it was a lucky happenstance by telling you about our new GoDark Privacy Bags!

 GoDark Faraday Privacy Bags

GoDark Privacy Bags 

Stop Hacking and Location Tracking

Data breaches, privacy, hacking and location tracking scandals are on the rise. The truth is, the collection and sale of your personal data is a multi-billion dollar industry. With your mobile phone being the conduit to your digital life you are streaming personal data NON-STOP ... What you do ... What you buy ... Who you communicate with ... Where you go and hundreds more data points about you are being traced and sent straight to big tech companies, the government, and anyone else who wants this data.

Like a digital fortress, GoDark Privacy Bags are Faraday Cages that block ALL incoming and outgoing signals to your mobile phone or tablet making you instantly, completely, undetectable, unhackable and untraceable.

Available for Pre-sale on Monday, August 13, 2018