About Us

About Us

Tarriss began looking out for travelers in early 2014 when we introduced the Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale. The Jetsetter has since become a travel industry standard and has helped protect hundreds of thousands of travelers from unexpected overweight baggage fees.

From our humble beginnings, we’ve continued this tradition of protection by serving the unique privacy needs confronting travelers and people on the go. With privacy and identity theft on the rise, protecting your privacy in today's increasingly electronic world is crucial and is something we are very passionate about.

Our passion for protecting your privacy is why we developed our RFID Blocking Money Belts and RFID Blocking Passport Holders and Neck Wallets specifically designed to protect your chip-enabled credit cards and passports from unauthorized reading. It’s also why we introduced our line of GoDark Privacy Bags, Faraday cages for your mobile phone and tablet that prevent hacking and location tracking of your mobile devices.

In fact, we're so passionate about privacy protection at Tarriss that we’ve dropped “Travel Gear” from our name to better reflect the need to protect not only travelers, but all who are mobile and on the go, regardless if you're traveling around the corner or around the world. 

Our Customers - Our First Passion

The only thing we’re more passionate about than privacy is serving our customers. We value our customers, which is why our customer care is top priority and the cornerstone of the Tarriss brand. In fact, we’ve often been referred to as a customer service company with great products. Don’t believe us? Give us a try. You can reach our customer care team here: customercare@tarriss.com.

Core Values

Products come and go and trends rise and fall, but one thing that remains constant at Tarriss is that we deliver what we promise and take care of our customers as if they were family.

Tarriss was built from the ground up based on this set of core values:  

  1. Respect our customers and treat them like family (go that extra mile for our customers)
  2. Be uncompromising on product quality
  3. Be curious and pursue learning with a passion. Always be asking “how” and “why”.

In addition to our core values and passion for privacy, we support sustainable travel and ecotourism and believe in leaving the smallest footprint possible.