GoDark® Faraday Bags - Stop Cell Phone Tracking & Block EMF Signals to Protect Your Privacy, Health & Electronics - Phone Size

Signal Blocking That Works™

GoDark Faraday Bags provide industrial strength EMF protection by blocking all EMF signals between 600 MHz and 6 GHz, including WiFi, Cell Phone, Bluetooth and GPS. Stops Prevents hacking, location tracking and potential EMF health concerns from your cell phone or tablet.

Protecting your privacy, your health and your electronics is too important for half measures which is why we designed our GoDark Faraday Bag from the ground up with paranoid level EMF signal blocking, exceptional durability and uncompromising construction quality. GoDark bags have been thoroughly tested by a third party lab to ensure they perform as expected.

Made For The Elements

VERY DURABLE 600D Poly Outer Shell with a PU face coat and a TPU backing that is both water and puncture resistant ensures signal blocking does not become compromised with regular wear and tear.

Padding and inner felt liner protects your cell phone or tablet and prevents accidental screen activation allowing you to leave the device on while it's in the bag.

At under 3oz, the GoDark Faraday Bag for phones is lightweight, portable and easily fits into your life wherever life takes you.

Signal Blocking For:

• EMF Frequencies between 200 MHz - 40 GHz

• Cellular Signals: CDMA, GSM, DCS, 3G, 4G, 5G, LTE

• Wifi (2.4 - 5 GHz)

• Bluetooth (2.4 GHz)

• GPS (1-2 GHz)
• EMP (MIL-STD-188-125-2)

Stop Location Tracking and Cell Phone Hacking

When privacy is crucial and you need to be absolutely certain your cell phone or tablet cannot be hacked or its location tracked, GoDark has you covered, literally. GoDark Faraday Bags are a trusted choice among military, law enforcement, journalists,  cyber security professionals and the privacy conscious  around the world.

EMF Blocking Without Compromising Safety

An inner felt liner ensures the metallic Faraday blocking material cannot inadvertently activate the touchscreen on your device, including gestures when the screen is off, allowing you to keep your device powered on when in the bag while blocking the EMF signals from escaping.

Take comfort in knowing you can have your phone out with photos rolling or emergency calls dialed while others are still waiting for their phone to power-up.

Built to Last

The durable outer shell is water and puncture resistant to protect the blocking material from damage that could compromise your safety and privacy.

A thin layer of inner padding provides additional protection for your device.

Secure Roll-top Closure

We specifically chose a tailor-made roll-top design because we believe it provides the best failure-free signal blocking closure on the market. The roll-top closure and sturdy strap means no guesswork is needed and peace of mind requires only a simple glance to visually verify your Faraday bag is properly closed and fully protecting your privacy... even if the bag gets turned upside down

Frequently Asked Questions

Will GoDark Faraday Bags Protect Me From Harmful Cell Phone EMF? 

We’re not medical experts and cannot speak to the health hazards of cell phone EMF. However, we are EMF signal blocking experts, and if you’re concerned about cell phone EMF then rest assured GoDark Faraday Bags will significantly block EMF radiation from your cell phone, so much so that your phone won’t even ring. It’s heavy duty EMF blocking for the seriously concerned.

Why Can't I Simply Turn Off My Phone?

While that may be an option for some, it is not necessarily a good option for everyone and it often depends on your situation. In most cases the GoDark Faraday Bag is used for short periods when you are particularly concerned about your privacy, or longer periods for health reasons, yet still want quick access to your phone and camera in an emergency.  Journalists, activists, travelers, military, the privacy or health conscious, and anyone else who wants to block EMF  can still take comfort in knowing they can have their phone out and photos rolling or emergency calls dialed while others are still waiting for their phone to power-up.

Furthermore, there are several well respected people in security community who believe malware exists that can make your phone appear to be turned off when in fact it is not. The simple fact is, it's becoming more and more difficult to know for sure what our hardware is really doing, and for those with a very high need for privacy, the GoDark Faraday Bag provides significant additional peace of mind.

Won't Airplane Mode Protect My Privacy?

If you think airplane mode will save you, this could be a costly mistake. Setting your phone to airplane mode only prevents your phone from transmitting, not receiving. Your location history is still recorded by your phone and transmitted later when you reconnect. The GoDark Faraday Bag prevents this by blocking incoming GPS and Cell signals used by your phone to record your location. With nothing being recorded, their is nothing to later share or transmit.

Will GoDark Faraday Bags Fit My Phone or Tablet?

All GoDark Faraday Bags are measured from the inside of the case. If you don't see your phone/tablet listed above, measure the height and width of your device in inches. If it falls within the shown size specification, it will fit.

Phone Sizing Guide:


Max width 3.25" (8.3 cm)
Max height 6.75" (17.2 cm)


Up to iPhone 13 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S10+, Google Pixel 4 XL

Questions About GoDark Bags?

To learn more about GoDark Faraday Bags, and to read additional customer reviews, visit our official EMF signal blocking website at GoDarkBags.com