FAQ - TSA Locks

How do I set my Combination?

Changing the combo is super easy. Follow this step-by-step guide.

  1. Make sure that the dials are set to the current combo (the default combination is 000)
  2. Push the button to open the lock
  3. Insert and hold in a pen on button ‘B’ (located at the bottom of your lock)
  4. Set the dials to your desired combo
  5. Release button ‘B’ to set your lock

In the rare event that you accidentally removed the pen from button ‘B’ before fully setting the locks, take note of the numbers on the dial as that would be the new combination. Use that number in step 1 to change it again.

Once I have chosen a personalized combination, can I change it to something different later?

Yes, you can change the combo again and again!  When you are ready to set a new one, have the lock set to the current combo (It will arrive defaulted at 0-0-0), then push the pin in, and change! As long as the current combo is in, you can change it to whatever you like.

What happens if I forget my combination? Is there a way to reset the locks?

Unfortunately, no.  The locks are designed for you, and the TSA to have access.  We cannot “break into your lock” as, if that were a possibility, a thief could do the same.  It is a really good idea to keep your code somewhere safe. In a file in your computer or smartphone, or on a stickie in your jewelry box at home.

How much does a lock weigh?

It is 2.2 OZ, or 62 Grams each

What is the length of the cable?

The lock's cable wire is approximately 8 cm or about 3 ½ inches, plus a little extra where it clicks into the unit.

What happens if the TSA wants to inspect my Luggage that is locked with a Tarriss Lock?

The TSA has a master key that they can use to access your luggage, without knowing the combination.  They can open your luggage, have a look, and re-lock it up, to be secure for the duration of your flight.

Will the TSA inform me when they have accessed my luggage?

The TSA is supposed to enclose a notice in your luggage explaining when they have entered your property.  We have seen this step being missed at times, but usually, they are pretty good about informing you.

I put the lock on my luggage, and when I arrived at my destination, it wasn’t there. What happened?

TSA locks unfortunately sometimes do not make the journey. Here are some reasons why they could go missing.

  1. TSA inspected your bag and neglected to return the lock
  2. Your lock got stuck or snagged on the conveyor belt along the way.  Baggage staff will cut locks at risk of being jammed. It is far better to lose a lock, then to have a rip in your luggage when you arrive.
  3. There was an attempt made on your bag, and someone removed it looking for something. Are all your belongings accounted for?
  4. The lock was damaged, and couldn’t hold up to a blow, or damage that it received.  If you suspect the lock was to blame, please inform our customer care department, and we will assist!
What is the best position to have my lock, on my luggage?

We recommend setting the locks, in the middle, at the top by the handle, or on the top side where you have your pull handle.  In this location, the locks will have less of a chance to get caught on the conveyor belt as it travels to your plane!

What is the shipping weight?

5.6 Oz.

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