FAQ - Luggage Scale

Is the battery included in the purchase?

Yes, a battery comes installed, and ready to use!

Can I replace the battery?

Yes, you can!

To replace the battery:

  1. Remove the screw located at the back of the scale to expose the battery, using a small Phillips screwdriver (star).
  2. Insert a small knife blade or flat headed screwdriver beneath the battery.
  3. Push it slightly towards the rear and it will pop right out.
  4. Put in a new CR2032 watch size lithium battery in the battery slot.
  5. Put the screw back on.
  6. The Scale takes a CR2032 watch size lithium battery, sold in most department stores, for a few dollars.
How do I change the unit of measure on my Luggage Scale? (ie: KG, LBS, ST)

When the scale is turned on, it will display 0000 as it calibrates. Hit the power key again, scrolling through the different unit of measures available. If you miss your chance, simply press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to power down, and start again. Please note, once you set your desired unit of measure, the scale will save that setting. This way, the next time you go to use the scale, you will not have to do this step again.

What is the max weight, the scale can handle?

50KG, 110 LBS.

How long does it take for the Luggage Scale to get a reading?

It is very simple! Turn on the scale, and wait for it to display 0.0 showing it is ready to weight. Loop your luggage, and lift. Once the luggage is still and has no sway, count to 3! Slowly lower your luggage, and the weight will be displayed on the screen.

Is the Luggage Scale Heavy?

The scale weighs 3.3 ounces, including the battery. We most definitely recommend taking the scale along, to re-weigh your luggage in preparation for the flight home. Most travelers find things to bring home. The scale will come in handy for that!

Can I take the Luggage scale through security in my carry on?

Yes! There is nothing restrictive about your Luggage Scale. You can even take it in your purse!

What batteries do I need?

The Scale takes a CR2032 watch size lithium battery, sold in most department stores, for a few dollars.

How accurate is the scale?

It is pretty accurate, boasting a precision accuracy of 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg. However, given that airport scales are known for being notoriously inaccurate (they are only calibrated once a year) we do suggest to leave at least a two-pound buffer.

How do I use the tare function?

Just connect a basket/bucket that will be filled with items, lift it and hold down the button. The scale display will return to "0" so only the items placed in the basket/bucket will be weighed.

What is the shipping weight of the Luggage Scale

5.2 Oz.

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